Intro to Woodland Management – for Women and Non-Binary People

Friday 29th July 2022

Spend a day with Emma and Grace and find out all about the world of working in the woods!

The forestry industry can feel inaccessible and intimidating to people who don’t identify as male, white, cis or heterosexual. At Working Woodlands Cornwall we are trying to change that by providing opportunities to work in the woods and gain the skills and confidence for a career with wood.

This event is a great opportunity to get a taste of what woodland work is all about, ask any questions you like in a supportive environment without fear of looking daft, and demystify the forestry industry, it’s terms career roles and expectations.

We hope you will go away feeling confident in your next steps, whether that’s progressing your career in the woods, or just feeling more self-assured and knowledgeable in the woodland environment.

Where we work:

Devichoys Wood is an ancient, semi-natural woodland (sessile oak with hazel, holly and rowan understory) with a long history of coppicing and charcoal burning. Active management appears to have ceased around 1950 resulting in the current neglected state of the wood.

Since 2018, Working Woodlands Cornwall have been restoring Devichoys to a productive coppice that is a valuable asset to the local community and wildlife biodiversity. This event is a great opportunity to get an insight into our work and explore a unique example of a working Cornish woodland.

Timeline for the day:

9.45am: Arrive & walk into the woods together.

10-10.30am: Introductions: a chance to get to know each other and share why we wanted to join today.

10.30am-12:30pm: A walking tour of the woods, with an introduction to different woodland management techniques, the benefits of these to wildlife and people, and how management helps tackle current challenges such as tree diseases and climate change.

12:30-1:30pm: Lunch (Bring Your Own)

1:30-4pm: Working in the woods – A chance to get hands-one experience. Join in with the seasonal, everyday tasks that week to get a true taste of what working in the woods is like. We will introduce you to a range of skills and be on hand to answer any questions you have about the work, the job, or getting started in the industry. The type of tasks we might be carrying out include (but are not limited to) preparing for our next charcoal burn, splitting wood, deer fencing, clearing brash, moving wood.


We are operating a 3-tier pricing system to help make this event accessible to all. Please choose your rate, and many thanks in advance to our supporters.

  • Concession Ticket/ Student/ Low wage – £45.00
  • Regular Ticket – £65.00
  • Supporter Ticket – £85.00

Please wear practical footwear and prepare for the weather (waterproofs!) as there is no shelter and the ground can be uneven and muddy.

This event is accessible by bus. Full directions will be sent on booking

or email: