Working Woodlands Cornwall CIC

Regenerative Forestry Specialists

Creating a thriving woodland sector for Cornwall

What We Do

We produce eco-friendly firewood, solarkiln-dried using only passive heat from the Cornish sun. It is 100% local, traceable, and sustainable because it comes from woodlands we manage ourselves.

We create resilient, biodiverse woodlands that work hard for you, delivering productivity, carbon capture, and a wide range of eco-system services. Get in touch to discuss your woodland creation plans or tree planting needs.

Woodland management. Specialising in low-impact techniques that improve biodiversity, increase woodland health and resilience, and generate a product or income for you too!

We host networking, events, courses and training because collaboration and skills sharing will help us create a thriving woodland sector for Cornwall.

We sell wood to a wide range of local producers including wood turners, timber framers, spoon carvers, boat builders and more.

Our latest project is a brand new podcast all about regenerative forestry. Listen Here or get the Tshirt!

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Cornwall area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
About Us

Working Woodlands Cornwall CIC is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2017 to improve the health and biodiversity of Cornwall’s woods, bring neglected woodlands back into sustainable management, and increase access for all.

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