Solar Kiln Dried Oak – £160 per cubic meter

Free delivery within 10 miles of the woodland (TR3 7PD).

You may also like to add one of the following services for that little extra convenience!…

Large Sack of Kindling – £12.50
Firewood Chopping Block – £30

Barrow & Stack service – £40 per m3
(we will bring a wheelbarrow and move and stack your logs for you)

Bagged – £20 per m3
(logs are supplied in sacks that can be moved by use of a sack truck / strong back!)

We produce the most eco-friendly firewood available in Cornwall. The wood is dried using passive energy from the sun in our ‘solar-kiln’ – producing the same great quality as standard kiln-dried wood, but without burning fuel to create fuel!

All our wood is guaranteed from Cornish woodlands that we manage, and we are always happy to show you where it came from.

To Order send an email to, or drop us a line through our contact form