Future Woods Podcast
Tune in for an inspirational look at UK woodlands.

Together we can create a vibrant woodland sector that helps tackle climate change, provides a huge range of natural benefits, and leaves future generations with productive, resilient woodlands to be proud of.

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This podcast asks your questions: how do we manage our trees and woodlands in the best way possible? How do we make money from our trees? How do I get into forestry? Where do I go for training? What kit do I need? What is the best machinery for the job? What is the environmental impact of cutting down or planting trees?

We discuss methodology and techniques and share stories from across the country. Hearing what works for you, and how you make it add up.  

Whether you have 10 trees or 10,000 hectares, this podcast is for you.

We want to hear from all land managers, farmers, foresters, conservationists, smallholders, community woodlanders, woodland owners, and enthusiasts. Your questions will shape future episodes.

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Coming Up…
  • Pilot – What is Regenerative Forestry?

    What is it? Who’s doing it? And how do we make it pay?

  • Series 1 – Regenerative Methods

    From agroforestry and rewilding, to commercial forestry and community woodlands we delve deeper into regenerative techniques, finding out what works and where we can improve. We also take a look at livelihoods and stereotypes within the industry, asking if a regenerative approach could be useful here too.

  • Series 2 – Zero-Carbon Forestry

    Is a zero-carbon forestry possible and what would this look like? Is planting more trees really a solution to climate change? And if so, how do we plant the right tree, in the right place, in the right way? In an industry heavily reliant on machinery, we identify challenges and discuss potential solutions from billhooks and battery powered chainsaws to high-tech timber mills and beyond.

  • Series 3 – Species in Focus

    Looking at management and planting options for some of the most popular and lesser known tree species through a regenerative lens.


We are delighted to be working with one of the most ethical communications companies around. A fellow not-for-profit enterprise, we know that these guys share our vision to make a difference through sharing facts and inspiration!

Creators of the well-respected sustainable fishing podcast ‘Fathom‘, we look forward to their creative input and professional flair.

“We want individuals to be inspired by the story of sustainability, recognising and embracing their personal responsibility in creating positive change.”

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With many thanks to the Local Connections Fund for making this possible!

About Us

Working Woodlands Cornwall CIC is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2017 to improve the health and biodiversity of Cornwall’s woods, bring neglected woodlands back into sustainable management, and increase access for all.

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