BBQ Charcoal

Our charcoal is made in an 8-foot ring kiln in the woods, within meters of the raw material.

This keeps timber miles to a minimum and means only the lightweight charcoal needs to be extracted.

The material for our charcoal is coppice grown and therefore carbon neutral and 100% sustainable. Because coppicing replies on the regrowth from the stumps rather than re-planting it can be cut again and again (forever) as soon as it reaches a useful size.

Sustainable Barbecue and Restaurant Charcoal from Cornish Woodlands

Barbecue Charcoal

This sustainable Cornish Charcoal is made by us in a woodland near Falmouth.

It contains a mixture of woods, perfect for getting your BBQ to light quickly and easily without firelighters (willow, sycamore, birch), and then keep it burning for a long time (oak, beech and sweet chestnut).

We care for these woodlands ourselves using traditional coppicing techniques that improve the health and resilience of the woodland, and create a fantastic habitat for wildlife too.

Available to buy from: The Natural Store (Falmouth), Archie Brown’s (Truro), Great Cornish Food Store (Truro Waitrose), Trevelyan Farmshop (nr. Marazion), Trevilley Farmshop (nr Newquay), or buy direct (min. order 10 bags)

Restaurant Charcoal

This high-quality BBQ charcoal is available in convenient catering sized sacks. Perfect for adding something special to an outdoor feast. You can’t beat the aroma that native British hardwoods will bring to the food!

Clients who care about good quality local food, will also want to know that it is cooked on sustainably-sourced local charcoal.

Delivery available for most locations in mid-Cornwall

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Working Woodlands Cornwall CIC is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2017 to improve the health and biodiversity of Cornwall’s woods, bring neglected woodlands back into sustainable management, and increase access for all.

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